Preserved Lemons

preserved lemons 2

Preserved lemons take some time to make but they add a very unique flavor to recipes. I have been wanting to make a Moroccan Chicken Tagine for a long time and I was excited to see that these lemons turned out really well. I didn’t know what to expect–I honestly thought that the lemons would get rotten and moldy. After about 4 weeks, the pith of the lemon darkened so I knew they were ready to try out. Some recipes recommend an even longer time to preserve so I was a bit early. It’s kind of hard to describe the flavor. It’s still very lemony but the most surprising thing was that the bitterness mellowed a lot so you can eat the rind. I stuck with plain lemons, but you can add spices like cloves, coriander seeds, peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, or bay leaves.

preserved lemons
Preserved Lemons
(Makes 1 Quart)
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  • 8 lemons, cleaned and dried
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • sterilized 1 quart jar


  1. Pour 2 tbsp. salt into the bottom of the jar.
  2. Cut the tip and the ends from the lemons exposing some of the white pith.
  3. Cut the lemons as if you were going to cut them in half lengthwise, starting from the tip. Keep the lemon attached at the base. Make another cut in a similar manner, so now the lemon is quartered.
  4. Generously sprinkle salt all over the inside of the lemons.
  5. Pack the lemons into the jar so tight that the juice is squeezed from them and fills up the jar.
  6. Seal the jar and let sit at room temperature for three days.
  7. Move the jar to the fridge and let sit for a minimum of three weeks.

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