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Slow Cooker Shredded Pork Tacos

Slow Cooker Pork Tacos

Once I had a batch of Pickled Corn Salsa ready I took a nice pork shoulder and slow cooked it for some tasty tacos! The pork is marinated in tomatoes, onions and spices and slow cooked for about 4 hours in a crock pot. The pork ended up being succulent and fall apart tender. I was really happy with how soft and flavorful it turned out. The acids from the pickled salsa complimented the richness of the shredded pork. For garnish, I added a touch of lime and queso fresco.

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Korean BBQ Chicken Tacos with Coleslaw and Sriracha Sour Cream


What draws me to taco recipes is the symphony of flavors from the meats, condiments and sauces.  I have never eaten Korean tacos from a food truck but I would hope that they might be like something like this: barbeque style chicken with crunchy coleslaw and spicy sour cream.

These tacos kick everything up a notch in terms of flavor and texture. The chicken is marinated ‘Dak Bulgogi‘ style with a sweet and savory sauce, grilled until caramelized. The coleslaw is a play on American coleslaw, using Napa cabbage (as used in Kimchi) with fish sauce, green onion, sriracha, and mirin. As the chicken is marinating in the sauce, prep the coleslaw and sriracha sour cream and leave it to chill. That way you’ll have everything you’ll need to assemble the tacos after grilling the chicken. The best way to make tacos is just having everything done so that you can time your dinner perfectly and not be scrambling at the last minute! I loved these tacos and will definitely make them again soon.

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Moroccan Chicken Tacos With Harissa Salsa and Goat Cheese

Moroccan Chicken Tacos with Harissa Salsa and Goat Cheese

One of the great things about tacos is the endless possibilities that comes with them! I’ve always loved Moroccan food and I thought that tacos would be a great way to experience it again. The chicken is seasoned with a fragrant blend of spices and shreds easily with a fork. I always choose whole chickens for taco meat as I’ve noticed they come out perfectly tender every time. I chose a spicy salsa based on the flavors of traditional Moroccan Harissa paste. It gave the tacos a good amount of spiciness and flavor. Since preserved lemon is an important ingredient in Moroccan food I topped the tacos with a refreshing Preserved Lemon and Mint Salsa. To cool things down I garnished the tacos with creamy goat cheese.

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Roasted Chicken Tacos with Manchego Cheese and Avocado

Roasted a whole chicken is a perfect meat for tacos because it is tender, flavorful and easy to shred. I chose a basic spice blend of smoked paprika, cumin, garlic and oregano for the chicken. Then I baked it in the oven for a few hours which gave me enough time to make some fresh Pico de Gallo and shredded manchego cheese. Manchego is a great cheese for tacos because it has the creaminess of queso fresco but with a little more tartness. The tacos turned out really well! The smoky flavor of the chicken worked nicely with the manchego and creamy avocado. The recipe for the chicken is pretty versatile so I’m sure I’ll be experimenting with different salsas and condiments next time!

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Chipotle-Lime Roasted Chicken Tacos

Once I had my Corn Esquites Salad ready I decided to try it out in tacos. I settled on using a whole oven roasted chicken because the meat is tender and shreds easily so its perfect for tacos. I was thinking about which spices I wanted to use to season the chicken and I thought chipotle and lime would work well with the corn salad. I settled on a simple dry rub of chipotle pepper, smoked paprika, cumin, allspice and oregano. While the chicken was roasting the kitchen started to smell heavenly and I couldn’t wait to try them out! The tacos were really tasty and easy to put together. The smoky flavor of the chipotle and the tangy lime juice were a great combination.  The recipe makes 12 tacos, or enough for two people for two dinners (3 tacos each).

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Korean Kalbi Beef Tacos with Cilantro Lime Salsa

Since Korean food works great with Tex-mex I wanted to try Korean-style tacos again! Usually “kalbi” refers to Korean BBQ short ribs but I really wanted to try the kalbi marinade on skirt steak since it’s a great meat for tacos. The marinade consists of ginger, soy sauce, sesame seeds, and asian pears so it was really easy to throw together.  If you can’t find asian pears I think it would be alright to substitute in regular pears.  I marinated the steak for about an hour before grilling. I used a flat pan to saute the beef at a high temperature, but I’m sure grilling the beef would be a great way to get extra flavor.  The tacos were really tasty! I loved the sear on the beef along with the flavors of the kalbi marinade.  I really enjoyed the sweet and savory kalbi beef with the tangy sesame soy dressing. I topped the tacos with chopped tomatoes, a cilantro lime salsa and sesame soy sauce dressing.

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Achiote Black Bean Tacos with Grilled Avocado and Goat Cheese

Who knew you could grill avocados? I had no idea until I read the recipe for these tacos. I loved the idea of tangy goat cheese coupled with the avocado slices and honey lime dressing.  It sounded like the perfect quick summer meal so I knew I had to give it a try!  I thought a good spice blend of black beans seasoned with achiote seed, cumin, coriander and smoked paprika would be a great addition to these tacos.  The avocados had a slightly different flavor after grilling that was unique and hard to describe.  I guess the flavor became a little more smokey with a stronger avocado smell.  The tacos were really good! I especially liked the simple honey lime dressing to give the filling some brightness.

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Steak Tacos with Chipotle Cherry Salsa and Caramelized Onions

What better way to try out a tasty new salsa than to serve it with tacos?  I picked out a skirt steak for these tacos because you can get a great sear on the outside and I figured it would go well with the salsa.  I went simple and just seasoned the steak with a little cumin and smoked paprika.  The salsa, steak and onions went really nicely together.  Caramelized onions are so good on tacos so I add them in whenever possible.  I caramelized the onions in the leftover adobo sauce which added a smokiness that wasn’t too sweet.  Then for a little texture and crunch I added some red cabbage on top.  A little crumbled queso fresco added creaminess (sour cream would probably work fine too.)  All together, this was a really delicious taco and I look forward to having it again sometime.

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Achiote Roasted Butternut Squash Tacos

Who knew butternut squash could be so versatile? As a kid, I remember only having it around Thanksgiving and the holidays. It turns out butternut squash is great on both pizza and tacos. The squash is rubbed with ground annatto/achiote seeds, cumin, oregano, and smoked paprika. Then it’s roasted in the oven until soft. For the toppings, I caramelized an onion with brown sugar and smoked paprika.  The tacos were sweet and spicy and so good! I added a tablespoon of the black bean salsa along with some queso fresco for garnish.

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Korean Pulled Pork Tacos with Kimchi and Queso Fresco

When I decided to make Korean/Tex-mex food the first thing I thought of were tacos. They are so easy to load up with any ingredient you like. I settled on pork shoulder for the meat filling along with two different salsas: a red salsa flavored with fresh ginger and sesame seeds and a refreshing cilantro and lime salsa. Then I decided on kimchi, a Korean fermented cabbage and crumbled queso fresco to complete it. The result was a delicious taco loaded with great toppings. The pork was cooked on low heat for about 2 hours which resulted in meat that fell off the bone. The pork was spicy and sweet which went along great with the red salsa and kimchi.  The cilantro and lime salsa provided a nice crunch and the lime juice went along nicely with the other fillings.  All the flavors worked so well together and I look forward to making this again!

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